Newbie is as Newbie Does…

Hello¬†World! Welcome to my site …I know it looks a little messy and unkempt but I’m trying and that’s the important thing lol. I hope to have some content up soon and other interesting things. Right now I’m just trying to hash it all out to make sure it’s to my liking.

With that being said…I could use all the help I can get. Any tips or pointers or anything?? My eyes and ears are open.

Thank you and have a lovely Sunday!

Its been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.

I want a really good quiz to do – something fun and out of the
ordinary, I’ve been browsing some xangas and there are some pretty
interesting people out there and they are all much younger than I am
.  lol

I need to be careful though, because I wish not to end up like the
“cool moms” doing jail time, I have things to do and jail isn’t one of

The holidays were super.  I had fun and got drunk against my
will.  Did some dumb things and today I’m just resting.  I’ve
been giving thought to my dating situation and have determined that all
the guys that I would give the time of day to, do not reside in my part
of the world, they don’t live in my state, not even in my gepgraphical
region and that sucks.

I’ll keep from whining about being lonely because no one needs to hear
that ….again.  I’m gonna take the advice I was given last night
and stop complaining. lol   But I’d be lying if I said I
didn’t miss the closeness of an intimate relationship.  All the
things you do as a couple, I want that – but I want it to be good this

enough, thats all I’ll say on the subject.

…someone get me a MAN for Christmas. He must be intelligent,
thoughtful, unafraid to try new things, and willing to have fun (all
types).  21 and over though – can’t have anyone younger than
that.  Email me for shipping instructions and location! 

I need to get back into my writing – I’ve written a few erotica pieces
but I want to finish some of the junk that I’ve started.  Where
have all my muses gone?!  Do I need to employ new ones??


Maybe I should have a job fair so that I can find new muses willing to
take on the task of  keeping me inspired, creative and
productive.   Hmmm……Not a bad idea at all – but

How would I go about setting it up?  And where would I set it up …..I’m sure something will come to me.

see …thats why I need new muses – the little drunk bastards that are
my muses now aren’t doing their damn jobs *hurls a shoe at drunk muses
and clocks one in the head*.   Thats ok – I’ll have new muses
that work and enjoy their job.  dammit

I need food…well cookies and cocoa 


I’m home for a little bit today – don’t have to be at work until 1 so I’m just sitting here trying to make myself feel better.

I’m at the cold/flu stage of my once a year sickness.  yay  (blows a noisemaker and tosses confetti).  I’m sure it will end soon – I just wish I didn’t have to feel crappy going through it.  I’m seriously thinking of calling off today.  I should be ok and I don’t want the kids to get sick – but I’m not sick enough.

I guess when I start sounding raspy and can’t complete a sentence without a few coughs, that will be my sign to stay home.  In the meantime – its orange juice, vitamin C Sudafed and rest.

I think its time I change the music and …I think maybe my xanga’s life is coming to a close.  I hardly use it anymore.  I’m always at livejournal and rarely at devArt.  We’ll see.  I guess if I can come up with a use for it – something will be done.

Until then – later

Def Leopard – Love Bites (I’m feeling a little retro today)

All I Had Were Hands


To touch, to soothe, to take away the days pain – they were my gift to you

They were all I had

To caress, to play, to let you know that at the end of day we’d be here waiting for you

They were all I had

To greet, to console, to heal when all other medicines failed

yes, they were all I had



Don’t know what I want to do tonight – I get to rest but I have no idea what I want to do as far as physical activity.


I’m tired of tv and radio and while I am curious, I’m not sure I want to venture into any chatrooms tonight – so that leaves …what

hell if I know, I’ll figure out something I guess.

well – back to quiz typing.


It has been FOREVER!!


and it may be even longer if I can’t some up with a single excuse as to why I have been absent.


I was working???



My favorite song now – Ghost of You , My Chemical Romance


some inspectors came by the birdhouse I made yesterday  and decided to condemn the building.

Reasons stated as :    walls disportionate to all sizes of bird, no wheel chair ramp or railing and no fire detection devices.

In short – she said it was not an equal opportunity birdhouse nor was it safe…….


Anyway..I’m supposed to be installing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego right now for the children.  But I just took the opportunity to check some email.  I’m glad Jonathon is doing ok in Mosul…I’ve been pretty worried.  One of these days, I’ll catch him online.  Anyway…gotta load this disk.

later babes