Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster!!!!!

Find your bell bottoms, afros, peace symbols and whatever else crazy stuff your mom and dad have in their closets and meet me at Club 54!! – no peace symbol??? steal the merceds emnblem  from someone’s big gawdy truck and lets go!!

Wanted:   Person or animal that loves to cuddle, snuggle and likes to be caressed.  Doesn’t mind baby talk and responds well to human affection and would like a semi-long term or serious relationship.  Serious persons/animals need only reply.

Message or leave a paw print at:

headshot or furryfaced photos are welcome  =)


Yeah, I am that lonely and bored that I would leave a personal add in my  Nothing’s going on today.  St. Louis can’t decide if it wants to rain or shine – dammit, I wanna go swimming and I now hate indoor pools.  A trip to Six Flags is in my very near future. 

You know what I’m in need of right now………a big bowl of ice cream, a guy with nice big warm arms and a shady tree near a body of water in a park somewhere.    Thats what I need.   Companionship – forget sex and dating, just one good male friend that will let me leach affection from him for awhile.

And I also need …….a life. A new one – I think that I have outgrown this one.  It just doesn’t fit anymore, ya know.  I dropped the weight of bad relationships and bad people in general.  My style of loving others has changed – this life no longer suits nor fits my needs.  I think its time for a makeover as well!


Anyway – Oh…guess what happened to me on my birthday????

Unbeknownst to me – Mr. Dubya was visiting my lovely city annnnnnnd – wreaked havoc all over St. Louis’ highways with his frikkin motorcade because they have to close every frikkin highway in that state for the safety of  Prince Jorge.  There I was sitting in deadlock on the 170 interchange when The Presedential entourage went rolling through on a part of the high way that was completely cleared for  him.  Normally, I would have been pissed to have been sitting still traffic on a sunny day like yesterday – but seeing the reaction of motorist as Dubya rolled through made it all better.

People were   Honking horns and shouting stuff – dude, that was my comedic entertainment for the day.  Well that and my year old neice singing me Happy Birthday ala Whitney Houston complete with eyes closed and head shaking with arms outstretched ..all by herself.  I swear I have to get a damn video cam, that was priceless. So yeah – Dubya got honked and booedededdedddddd..

Thank you for visiting our city – yet again!! Hope you enjoyed your stay …buh bye now..buh bye =)

I must make a comment about something I saw on the Today Show this morning but I think I am gonna save that one for Livejournal.  It upset me that bad.  Spokane, WA  *rolls eyes*  anyway – later peeps.

I’m goin for ice cream and I guess I’ll just daydream the rest –

Reeses Peaces!