some inspectors came by the birdhouse I made yesterday  and decided to condemn the building.

Reasons stated as :    walls disportionate to all sizes of bird, no wheel chair ramp or railing and no fire detection devices.

In short – she said it was not an equal opportunity birdhouse nor was it safe…….


Anyway..I’m supposed to be installing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego right now for the children.  But I just took the opportunity to check some email.  I’m glad Jonathon is doing ok in Mosul…I’ve been pretty worried.  One of these days, I’ll catch him online.  Anyway…gotta load this disk.

later babes



It has been a great many moons since I’ve sat down to write in this thing.

Let’s just say my issues have been abundant and work equally so – which is good because I don’t have the time to be disappointed, upset, pissed off or homicidally angry at the cause of all of

I’m doing good for the most part.  Just tired as hell.  Between work and summer camp (which is where I am right now) I have no time for myself and sadly my kids either.  But that should change shortly.  I think its time to change the music on this *bleeping* thing.  Just have to find something else worth playing.


Someone make a suggestion.

Anyway – I’m in the computer lab at camp and I’m sleepy and something tells me that we are all going to need to leave the room soon because the skies outside the window are looking horrible….any minute now I expect to see a witch westbound on a bicycle or piggy back atop a monkey.

Yeah its lookin that bad.  But I am very happy for the rain – we needed it.


A word of wisdom to the residents of Phoenix, AZ.

*ahem*   Stay Inside!! Pack yourselves in ice and stay inside – do not for any reason go outside.   114 degrees man – there is nothing you need outside that damn bad ..seriously.  Stay Inside or subject yourselves to spontaneous combustion, the likes of which a buffian vampire would die from.   STAY INSIDE!!

thank you.

So my real reason for sitting in this room is because I am supposed to be brainstorming an arts and crafts project for my older kids.  The youngins are in martial arts class (great, thats all any cousnelor needs – a bunch of evil munchkins with organized and trained ninja skills) so the older kids are playing computer games and reading books.

Did you hear me …….I said they are READING BOOKS!!!  See and there I thought that my words just passed through their adolescent prepubescent ears  and fell to the floor beside them.

I have to say, even though they are a handful I do love working with them – they crack me up. 

I think his name is Bill Engvall – Blue Collar Comedy, the guy that does the “Here’s Your Sign”  ..I bring this up because an 11 year old by the name of Orlando got me yesterday and bad.

ok…Here’s Your Sign is usually said to you when you make a redundant statement or wish to reiterate the already painfully obvious. 

So…we’re outside getting some air before the storm rolled in and there we spot what seemed to be the freshly dead kill (redundant, yes) of a cat – he dropped it from his jaws when he saw us coming.

A rat.

The rat is laying on its side with its lungs punctured from the killer feline’s teeth and there is a bit of blood pouring from its mouth, its lifeless and well…dead, but fresh because it wasn’t stiff.  The cat whom lost his lunch was sitting off to the side watching us stare at its lunch.

We stood in silence looking down at the poor creature, some of the kids were kind of upset because it was impeding their game of freeze tag and others of the bunch, were a bit…disturbingly morbid – one even gave a short eulogy/poem for the animal. 

So after everyone has concluded that the rat is dead in thought (it was just that damn obvious)….

I say (and was totally serious)……”Is it dead?”

Orlando, the love of my summer camp life- the little sarcastic bugger says, “No, Ms. Ty …….its asleep.” 

Well the kids and counselors found it funny and I defended my statement by saying that it could have been playing possum.  That recieved a bunch of “yeah rights” and “whatevers”.  For some reason we were unable to move from that spot and that cat wanted its lunch so it walked right between us…grabbed its meal in its teeth….trotted off…then turned back to make sure we weren’t following it then trotted off a little faster.

Ms. Jasmine yells out of the side door of our building – Lunchtime!! and we all just kinda go green and decide that we want lunch a little later in the day.  And guess what ……we talked about death!

Yes, a 5 year old said and I quote “The circle of life has been made complete once more.”  I told him that he was correct and that he needed to limit his viewing of The Lion King to once a week instead of 3 times a day. 

So yeah, an eleven year old – “Here’s Your Sign(ed)” me and that kinda sucks but I deserved that one…it was painfully

Looks like I gotta go get my craft together – I’ve decided on making popsicle stick birdhouses….should be fun.

I’ll try to update everyday since …I spend a majority of my time here now. 


Georgia…….SWIM!!!   Phoenix……STAY INSIDE!!!   Missouri…..FIND A BASEMENT AND COVER YOUR HEAD!!!!