I’m home for a little bit today – don’t have to be at work until 1 so I’m just sitting here trying to make myself feel better.

I’m at the cold/flu stage of my once a year sickness.  yay  (blows a noisemaker and tosses confetti).  I’m sure it will end soon – I just wish I didn’t have to feel crappy going through it.  I’m seriously thinking of calling off today.  I should be ok and I don’t want the kids to get sick – but I’m not sick enough.

I guess when I start sounding raspy and can’t complete a sentence without a few coughs, that will be my sign to stay home.  In the meantime – its orange juice, vitamin C Sudafed and rest.

I think its time I change the music and …I think maybe my xanga’s life is coming to a close.  I hardly use it anymore.  I’m always at livejournal and rarely at devArt.  We’ll see.  I guess if I can come up with a use for it – something will be done.

Until then – later

Def Leopard – Love Bites (I’m feeling a little retro today)

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  1. Ya seems like a few people have had the SN thing happen. whats worse usually she has an away message up, and I always have to read it. just hurts more.. but I cant stop myself to see what shes doing.
    thanks for the comment, you have a nice site here yourself. but its a little early for nachos and beer for me, sorry. lol 🙂


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