Changed this thing for the 3rd time   I like blue and I think it looks cool.

I feel exceptionally well today.  Went to a friend’s spa.  It’s actually my masseus, he, his girl friend and his best friend opened up a nice little spa and it was their opening day.  Everyone else had to pay…I got my entire spa treatment free..woo! I did tip them very well because they did me right today. My hair is awesome, my maincure and pedicure…I had theeeee best massage and skin treatments.  And after it all I just felt wonderful, super relaxed and happy.  It was cloudy today, very cloudy but you wouldn’t have known that the way I was smiling. lol  I think I provided my own sun today…with their help of course.

Today was pretty awesome.  Since I got back from the opening I’ve been home by myself and I’m not freakin out about that at all.  I’m actually enjoying myself.  Even managed to get some stuff done around here, thats always a plus.  Well anyways… I’ve also decided that…well …..I haven’t yet really. 

I still don’t know what journal to use to for what…this one for the writing or the lj for it.  I just don’t know.  So far with LJ whenever I’ve posted stories or poetry or art no one has tried anything stupid like trying to claim it as theirs.  I have no idea what its like with xanga or if people run into that problem. Thats why its always a good thing to safeguard your stuff with copyrights right?  Right.

I’m gonna go find some trouble to get into